Who we are

Founded by well respected industry professionals, Agree differentiates itself by bringing first-hand Professional and IT knowledge experience to the professional headhunting and staffing industries. Agree combines this knowledge with extensive experience working with employers and candidates by bringing together the best talent, their customers. Their industry specific knowledge and skill-on-the-job experience equating to rapid success in bringing the right candidates to the right employers.

Why we do it

Our team, after spending years in the professional headhunting and IT staffing and solutions business, has always felt there was a better way to do business with clients and candidates. The bottom line is that we believe in an open model providing savings to the client, more money for the candidates, and great relationships for Agree.

Most importantly though, we make it our goal to have fun! If our team is not enjoying their work then our relationships between both client and candidate are missing what we believe to be the key ingredient ... "Trust".

How we do it

To build a top performing, quality professional team; Agree has the experience working with clients, that enables us to evaluate your company's needs based on your culture, environment, and product or service. We work with key representatives in your company ranging from your CEO on through to individual employees involved in the recruitment process. The Agree team will utilize their expertise and recruiting infrastructure to set up a recruiting process that works for your company. This process can then be replicated if desired; so you have a system for effectively and efficiently scaling your staff to meet your business needs.

Access to Talent

Agree has talented professionals who can make a difference for your organization. Most importantly, the Agree team has been working with clients in North America for over 20 years providing the individual talent for the right job. It is our network and recruiting engine that makes the difference! At Agree, that engine is not limited to just our in-house recruiters but includes a select national network that enables us to reach out to all candidates in all geographic locations in the vertical markets we service. We have the people, infrastructure, and networks that are required to deliver.

If your company has recruitment challenge ; Agree can offer the answers and provide solutions. Our veteran sales professionals will deliver the results you need.

At the end of the day...

Our clients, our candidates and our team have options on whom they work for and with. At Agree, we share the money more, which ends up creating an environment where there is more to share and clients receive better value for their dollar ... thus paying less.

  • Candidates receive great opportunities and make more money.
  • Agree has satisfied clients and candidates, which translates into more clients and candidates.
  • Most of all everyone is enjoying their work more and having just a little more... fun.